21. Female. No talent. Internet access. What more could I ever ask for?

note: I'm not going to be on a lot due to what can only be described as 'technical issues' for a while. Sorry.

Hello my name is Splicer and I like to draw things. But lately I've been making a lot of Gifs.

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I just found out that a singer I really liked died.

Four years ago.

Now I feel even worse for not paying attention.

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Things are getting better

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So things didn’t go how I thought they would but I am getting that computer working again soon.
I hope nobody else leaves… :(

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Well, I’m getting off for today, but I’m going to try as hard as possible to get my computer out of the basement tomorrow. And then I’ll be back to being on every day.

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The prices for 3DS XL capture kits is fucking outrageous.

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My favorite mutuals aren’t following me anymore. I let everybody down by not getting on all the time.

But it wasn’t my fault :(

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We’re most likely getting my computer up out of the basement tomorrow which means I’ll be able to get on every day again. Yay!

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(I’ve been on almost constantly for the last few days but with what’s going on I really don’t feel safe posting or rebloging anything, but I am here and I’m fine)

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Another day, another air raid siren going off at seven in the morning for no fucking reason.

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God DAMNIT tumblr! That’s… actually pretty funny.

God DAMNIT tumblr! That’s… actually pretty funny.

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