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Hello my name is Splicer and I like to draw things. But lately I've been making a lot of Gifs.

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The stream is over- is there another place I can watch the new episode?

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Can someone point me to a place I can watch the new episode?

Edit: from the beginning, please. The stream restarted and is like halfway through

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Affordable Spacekin for Anonymous

Style Notes: Galaxy and cloudy fabrics can leave you dreaming of the stars, but if galaxy print isn’t your thing, anything crystal or metallic is sure to give you a look that’s out of this world. 

❤ || shoes || $31 || crop top set || $9 || hoodie || $25 || sweater || $8 || bow || $10 || bracelet || $11 || earrings || $8 || necklace || $8 || scarf || $16 || ring || $5 || 

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Cute hoodies from Harajuku fashion 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

use code 'lovely39' to get 10% off on all items

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Four score and seven beers ago


Four score and seven beers ago

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I wonder if Christoph ever gets bored, sitting in the back and not doing anything fun except letting off the occasional stick of dynamite?

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Every time they pan out into the audience and I see someone who isn’t grateful to be there I want to shoot myself back in time and take their place

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Till Lindemann, on a platform, descending to the stage like a fucking GOD

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Oh no, the audience is singing

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