21. Female. No talent. Internet access. What more could I ever ask for?

note: I'm not going to be on a lot due to what can only be described as 'technical issues' for a while. Sorry.

Hello my name is Splicer and I like to draw things. But lately I've been making a lot of Gifs.

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I’m starting to think that maybe everyone has forgotten about me since I can’t get on anymore…

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He he. I’m at the laundromat on my sisters laptop and I just realised that the shirt I’m wearing right now is the same one that I’m wearing in my icon, which was taken almost 9 years ago. I should make a then and now photo. I still have the hat, too.

posted 3 days ago;

So today me and my sister were going through the boxes in the basement so we can clean it out and all that (it’s so filthy I can’t even be down there without a facemask). Most of the boxes we found today ended up being my stuff, too. For the past 5 years I’ve been afraid that my stuff will all be ruined, but it a twist of very satisfying irony it looks like all my stuff is fine and everyone elses stuff is ruined. First time for everything.

The only thing I had to throw away was one candle from my owl collection. It was an antique, but the basement is very moist and antique wax is really weird and suseptable to that moisture. We decided to burn it so it got a proper send off. Let me tell you something-

DON’T BURN AN ANTIQUE CANDLE. IT’S THE WORST SMELL EVER AND IT TURNS INTO A THICK, SNOT LIKE PUDDLE. Old wax is different from the kind we use today, so as the candle burns the wax doesn’t burn with it, it piles up. And it smells. It smells so bad.

I will remember that smell for the rest of my life.

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We burned more stuff today, but I didn’t take any selfies because the fire wasn’t very fun to look at this time.

It’s all stuff that’s legal to burn in our area, and we make sure not to burn anything like plastic or Styrofoam. It’s just a lot cheaper to burn the stuff than call in a dumpster and send it all to sit and rot in a landfill somewhere. All the things that aren’t legal to burn get thrown away normally, so don’t worry about that stuff. We’re being very careful and following all state laws.

Plus me and my sister finally get to hang out and talk for the first time since she moved back out to California. It’s nice to see her again and it’s nice to spend time doing things together other than cleaning the filthy basement.

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I’m not dead, just doing house work. Which sometimes involves burning old shitty furniture! Exciting stuff.

I’m not dead, just doing house work. Which sometimes involves burning old shitty furniture! Exciting stuff.

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I just found out that a singer I really liked died.

Four years ago.

Now I feel even worse for not paying attention.

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Things are getting better

posted 1 week ago;

So things didn’t go how I thought they would but I am getting that computer working again soon.
I hope nobody else leaves… :(

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Well, I’m getting off for today, but I’m going to try as hard as possible to get my computer out of the basement tomorrow. And then I’ll be back to being on every day.

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The prices for 3DS XL capture kits is fucking outrageous.

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