21. Female. No talent. Internet access. What more could I ever ask for?

Hello my name is Splicer and I like to draw things. But lately I've been making a lot of Gifs.

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*checks left door light*

*checks right door light*

*checks Pirate Cove*

*repeat Ad infinitum*

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My mother is really sad because she’s losing all her teeth and I have no idea how to make her feel better about it.

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I would really love the concept, if they had actually made a conscious effort to stick to it.

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My sister said I need to cut burgers out of my diet if I want to lose weight and be healthy. She’s out at a friendship reunion tonight.

I’m having burgers for dinner.

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realniqqatalk replied to your post “Why can’t I find playthroughs of horror games without someone…”

add “NO COMMENTARY” to your search instead of watching ones of people commentating. there are plenty silent playthroughs of horror games

I never thought of doing that. Youtube search is usually the worst at picking up keywords. It worked, though, thank you!

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Why can’t I find playthroughs of horror games without someone screaming into their fucking headset? I just want to watch the god damn game, not listen to you whine and cry through the whole fucking video. Shut up. Turn your mic off.

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I made Nick and Ellis on Tomodachi Life. This was as close to canon as I could get them.

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All that weird psychic bondage from the last few pages of String Theory are making me feel things I really shouldn’t. But how can someone make a character like Schtein and not expect me to be a bit attracted to him? Vaguely creepy looking yet weirdly attractive male characters are kind of my thing…

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oh no my hardwood floors!
Hey look a new page of a webcomic wow


oh no my hardwood floors!

Hey look a new page of a webcomic wow

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My sister bought some ‘silk’ coconut milk despite the fact that I’m allergic to coconuts so I drank some just to spite her and it tastes so god damned good so I’ve been drinking it a lot and the itchiness in my throat and mouth afterwords is getting less horrible each day. I think I’m building up a tolerance and I’m so happy because I want to drink this stuff for the rest of my life.

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